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Guided hiking

The walks are accompanied by professional Dutch or English walking guides. The local guides have been organizing walks on 'Lycische Weg' for years and know all the most beautiful places. The walks are medium to heavy. The hiking trails are not dangerous but some walking experience is recommended. Sturdy walking shoes / sandals are necessary. On the way the guide gives you more information about the culture, plants and history of this beautiful place.

A sailing cruise combined with cycling

Cycling & sailing is one of the many possibilities that we offer as a holiday concept. Although this seems at first sight to be an unusual combination, the opposite applies. There are many beautiful cycling routes that pass through beautiful nature and picturesque villages.

Depending on your requirements, we take care of the rental of bicycles or you can bring your own bikes. The trips are accompanied by an experienced English speaking tour guide, in collaboration with local guides.

There is always a car for technical assistance.

We would like to help you put together your dream trip!

Kayakoy - Saklikent - Gizlikent in Fethiye

  • Kayakoy: formerly Lebessos and Livissi is beautifully situated against the mountain of a museum village, consisting of hundreds of dilapidated houses and churches near Fethiye. During the Turkish-Greek war, the residents were forced to change their village in 1922. A walk through the remnants of the ghost village is impressive.
  • Saklikent: a hidden gorge near Fethiye. The gap is 300 meters deep and 18 kilometers long. Around and in the canyon you can cool well, the water that flows down from the mountains is only a few degrees above zero. A bit cold for swimming, but ideal for bathing.
  • Gizlikent: After a number of steps down you can take a refreshing walk through the water in beautiful nature. At the end of the walk you arrive at a waterfall.

Price: 60 euro per person including transportation, entrance to museums and lunch (excluding drinks). The excursion continues from 6 people at this price.

Oludeniz, Sint-Nikolas island in Fethiye

The sunrise and fall are an essential part of traveling. Sunset on the island of St. Nikolas is simply not to be missed.

Price: 10 euro p.p incl. entrance fee island.

Tlos ruïnes, Xanthos, Patara in Fethiye

  • Tlos was one of the largest and oldest cities in Lycia, located on a hill on the east side of Xanthos Valley. Tlos is considered one of the most important religious cities of Lycia.

  • Xanthos is an ancient city in Lycia in southwestern Turkey. This city was founded by an Indo-European people called the Lycians.

  • Patara was an ancient city in Lycia and consists of an 18 km long sandy beach where the ruins are scattered.
    The city was an important trading location in ancient times and was founded in legend by a son of Zeus, Patarus and is also the birthplace of Saint Nicholas. In 330 BC the city fell into the hands of Alexander the Great.

Knidos - Old city Datça

  • The Datça peninsula is a long mountainous finger that juts out from Turkey and separates the Aegean Sea from the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Knidos was an ancient Greek port on the Dorian part of the West Coast of Asia. At the western tip of the Datça peninsula.
    Walk with the guide along the ancient ruins of Greek civilization. See the ruins that spill out into the sea and admire the circular temple dedicated to Aphrodite.
  • The Old Town of Datça  is known for its olive and almond products. Stroll in the winding narrow streets and discover the renovated Ottoman and Greek houses.

Price: 35 euros p.p. including transport, entrance to museums. The excursion continues from 6 people at this price.


Winehouse Datça

Taste the wines of one of Datça's top wineries.

Price: 35 euros p.p. including transport, wine tasting, guided tour, cheese plate.

Best Blue Voyage - sailing cruises in Turkey and Greece

Dalyan river

A unique experience with a mix of culture and nature. You sail with a small private boat through the protected nature reserve of Dalyan along the old royal graves in the mountains. We stop at the excavations of Kaunos and the İztuzu beach, one of the most important nesting-ground loggerheads (Caretta caretta) in the Mediterranean. You can also walk on a beautiful beach. A visit to the mud baths is included in this excursion. On the sea side and on the lake and the river there is a big chance of seeing large turtles. If desired, there is also plenty of opportunity for swimming or fishing on e.g. crab.

Price: 65 euro per person including private boat, entrance Kaunos, mud bath and Iztuzu beach and lunch (excluding drinks). The excursion continues from 8 people at this price.

Best Blue Voyage - sailing cruises in Turkey and Greece
Best Blue Voyage - sailing cruises in Turkey and Greece

Ride with tractor in Bozburun

The captain takes you in a cozy cart. While you admire the beautiful streets of this peninsula, he tells the facts of his little resort. There is also a visit to the port where the boats are made and repaired.

Price: 7 euro p.p.

Water sports

We organize various excursions that can be fully tailored to your wishes.

  • Parasailing
  • To dive
  • canoe
  • banana ride
  • ...
Best Blue Voyage - sailing cruises in Turkey and Greece

Turkish Bath

Price: 60 euro per person including taxi, entrance hamam, sauna, peeling, soap massage and oil massage.

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